Common Issue That You May Encounter In A Marriage

When you ask people about their thoughts on marriage, you will notice that there are a lot of emotions towards the idea. Some will mention about the most beautiful day of a person’s life, which is called the wedding where there a lot of flowers, everyone dressed nicely, great food, good music, and a lovely ambiance. While there will be others, who will have a more realistic approach and mention about the constant struggles that come with marriage, and how it seems never to end.

Marriage Common Issues

I believe that a relationship will give you both good experiences and horrible experiences at different times. The beauty in a marriage is the commitment that man and woman have for each other, it doesn’t matter what right or wrong you did to each other no matter what you can always rely on each other and be there for each other. I believe that the flaws in a marriage come out because human nature kicks in because males and females have their own needs and understanding that they need to cater.


For example, men deal with stress and fight with their partner differently compared to women. They result into going into their little universe where in their partner has no way to enter. In this world of theirs, they need to be alone, and there is no telling how long they will need to stay out of reality. Here in this universe of theirs, they are free to think, however, and say whatever they want without having to hear the opposition. This is where they get to gather their thoughts, reflect on the present issue, and try to find ways to resolve it right away.


A man entering his universe is for good intentions, specifically to fix problems and relax. However, in the mind of a woman, they sometimes tend to take this reflection period the wrong way. The problem with a man entering his mind is that their partner is not a part of it, and women also want to resolve issues as soon as possible. The female specimen has no need to enter any universe because they already know what time want to say or know what went wrong. If a man wants to take time away from the talking about the issue, their partner may see it as them trying to avoid talking about it or losing interest in the relationship.


This is the reality of relationships, women are smarter than men, they can comprehend things faster, and they already know what they want. Women should be aware that entering their minds and wanting space is part of their process of fixing a fight. This is a perfect example of the different needs and understands that both genders have, but both genders don’t completely understand each other.


The crucial part in a relationship is trying to understand the mysteries of each other, which can be very difficult. It is a process that no one knows how long it will take to complete, and is sometimes harder to some couples compared to others. If you feel that you have done everything in your power to try and fix things, then do not be shy to seek for marriage counseling, because you never know this might be the deciding factor that might save your marriage.